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Our Products


Dust-Off  is a patented proprietary formula of Magnesium Chloride specially developed by Cargill Salt to combat fugitive dust while providing soil stabilization.
With laboratory controlled quality, this specifically concentrated hydroscopic product with its anti-corrosive additive ensures that moisture is effectively absorbed from the atmosphere… causing road surfaces to remain moist and stabilized… virtually eliminating dust and the need for frequent watering.

Dust-Off  can be accurately applied to provide a predictable use/life in the field based upon your specific needs and/or budget.

South Western Sealcoating Inc. has your dust control solutions for:

Dust-Off  has been approved and used successfully on projects for the County and State Highway Departments, the U.S. Forest Service, the California Department of Fish and Game… and by many Mining, Farming, and Forest Product Companies.

Very Effective and Environmentally Safe Magnesium Chloride is able to attract and hold moisture directly from the atmosphere to dampen and penetrate dirt surfaces… keeping them dust free… even under severe temperatures and low humidity.

A treatment of Magnesium Chloride helps reduce potholes, rutting, washboards and the effects of frost… significantly reducing road damage and maintenance costs… helping to increase surface tension, while producing an ideal, hard road surface.

he dust control and soil stabilization process can significantly reduce equipment maintenance costs caused by dust penetrating engines, belts, gears and virtually every moving part in your heavy equipment… even in your passenger vehicles.
leaner Air for Improved Health and Safety Dust-Off reduces dust that causes and spreads many airborne diseases, allergies, hay fever irritants and pollutants.

Dust-cloud traffic hazards… even crop and vegetation problems resulting from dust covering and pollution are significantly reduced or eliminated.

But for some applications, use of a truck may not even be possible due to area size, location, or possible damage to the surrounding grounds or other special environmental considerations.

Because of this special need, South Western Sealcoating, Inc., -- in conjunction with Gilbert Aviation, -- developed and engineered a unique product loading and delivery system for an AT-802 Air Tractor aircraft that can typically load up to 700 gallons within 3 minutes and accurately dump in a precision pattern in just 9 seconds. In lighter concentrate applications, the Air Tractor can cover up to 1 mile in just 18 seconds.

This specially equipped aircraft is ideally suited for the application of Magnesium Chloride and has the capacity, strength and maneuverability to deliver a consistent 30-foot wide pattern efficiently… Precisely on-target with its GPS satellite controlled navigation system.

Every flight is electronically guided to pinpoint its previous pass, thus eliminating any possibility of crossover spray or product waste.
The innovation and technical skills necessary to develop special aircraft and bringing space age electronics technology to this marketplace are just a part of what makes South Western Sealcoating, Inc. a proven supplier… And the supplier of choice for all of your dust control, soil stabilization and asphalt paving needs.

With both aerial and truck spraying methods available, South Western Sealcoating, Inc. delivers the goods on target… on budget…virtually anywhere you have a need.

Application & Delivery Process

Dust-Off is very cost-effective, long-lasting and easy to apply… now, virtually anywhere!
South Western Sealcoating, Inc. has taken a high technology electronics approach for computer controlled accuracy in laying down a perfect pattern of Dust-Off compound in all of its application delivery methods.

South Western Sealcoating helped pioneer the use of spreader trucks equipped with the "Bearcat CRC" (Computerized Rate Control) system. Our successful track record in the industry has been based upon the utilization of these trucks for standard ground based dust control applications.

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